Masonry in the Loire Valley

The Brisemur Company was funded in 1850, and carried on from father to son since the 19th century.

Today, it is still a family business managed by the fifth builder’s generation. Archives even attest that members of the family were stone carvers and masons in the early 18th century.

Therefore the knowledge of old-style materials such as stone and lime was transmitted from older to younger staffs till today. And we are proud of implementing the most challenging and intricate renovation projects in houses and castles built by our elders nearly 160 years ago.

This know-how even improves over the years and now includes the latest technologies, requiring as much as the oldest ones, precision and meticulousness.

Then, either for traditional masonry works of the Loire Valley or for complex technical projects, our Key Word is to keep up with the state of the art materials, knowledge, expertise and Respect of the Styles.

This is the only way to ensure your newly-renovated home will last and keep its beauty for centuries, making sure your property is an asset that will gain value over the time.

Thus, whereas many consider masonry as d-i-y and neglect invisible details, we know that there is no place for improvisation: there is only one way of getting the best. By choosing our Company you choose to get a highly skilled professional who will deliver the best quality with the best value for money.

The fidelity of our Clients to our Company over the last 160 years is the proof of its Recognition. It is our pride. It keeps us aiming for Excellence. For your Home and for You.

NB : since 2008, we received a National Quality Award for « Stone Works Renovation and Ancient Masonry ». Only 7 others companies in the Loir&Cher area can meet this qualification.